An all-in-one platform for Collecting, Responding to, Evaluating and Capitalising on your Customer Feedback.

Discover Critizr’s four solutions to help take your turnover to new heights

Collect Customer Feedback

We provide you with the most complete solution for customer feedback.


To collect feedback from your customers, you must provide them with a channel that corresponds to their tendencies and habits. Tech-savvy or tech-hopeless? Buying or just browsing? Loyalty card holders or simply stopping by? Your customers need a simple way to voice their thoughts.

Collection can occur via both push (solicited) and pull (spontaneous).

It’s possible to collect feedback by soliciting the customer (push) or by providing them with an opportunity to leave their spontaneous feedback (pull).

To achieve this, we’ve made over a dozen different collection channels available via our platform: email, post-purchase, social networks, etc.


Measure experience in its entirety

With Critizr for Business, your clients can evaluate their buying experience at any moment along their journey using our various feedback collection modules.

› IN-STORE: Collect customer feedback live at your point of sale (interactive terminals, SMS call-back, etc.).

› POST-EXPERIENCE: Measure buyer satisfaction after they’ve made their purchase (email, sms, push notification, receipt, etc.).

› ANY TIME: Give your customers the floor via different communication channels (your website, applications, etc.).

› SOCIAL: Collect the reviews left by customers on popular community sites (TripAdvisor, Google My Business, etc.).


Choose your satisfaction indicators

We’ll help you personalize your questioning path with complete question formats (NPS, CSAT, multiple choice, etc.).

Committed to providing your customers with the best experience possible, Critizr has created its surveys with close attention to UX and design.

This has resulted in our clients achieving record rates of conversion!


The Customer Feedback Hub


The Critizr platform brings together all of your customer feedback from across multiple channels (scores and verbatim analysis) inside a single interface for processing and consultation. Whether the feedback comes from your own ecosystem or a third party, everything is correlated within the same interface. Just concentrate on responding, and our solution will automatically send it through the customer’s preferred channel.

The Critizr platform adjusts to your organisation’s needs to send feedback to the correct team member thus creating a personalised relationship between customer and company.

With our print, share, forward, and call-back functionalities, you can improve your business using to the feedback you receive.

And finally, our technical partners will help you link the feedback collected back to Critizr via your CRM tool.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Manage all customer feedback through a single interface to attract, organise, and share real insights companywide. Data is sorted and organised based on your needs in order to detail and interpret customer satisfaction.
Real time

Analyze customer satisfaction in real time.


Measure performance by point of sale/contact.

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Develop a customer-centric culture within your company.

Create Value From Customer Feedback

Integrate customer satisfaction into your marketing strategy to attract new customers and increase loyalty.

Put your prospects in the know

88% of consumers consult feedback before purchasing. Use customer feedback to promote your services to prospective buyers.

Let it be known that your customers are satisfied and that you’re listening to them by linking their ratings and reviews back to your website, points of sale, social networks, newsletters, etc.


Get your customers talking

Give your satisfied customers the possibility to share the positive vibes with their friends and family! This is a highly qualified source of acquisition with a strong added value for your company’s traffic and growth.

Critizr will enable you to carry out finely targeted referral campaigns. For example, send an exclusive invitation to all of your customers who rated their experience with you as a 9/10 or higher (NPS).


Customer feedback as a marketing lever

Using our powerful APIs, collect data to be injected into your CRM system.

Generate marketing campaigns based on customer satisfaction levels and use this feedback in your customer relations strategy.

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Native Mobile Applications

Manage your customer feedback with the Critizr Pro mobile application.

Store managers are able to immediately respond to feedback left by customers thanks to the Critizr Pro application.


Our Support System

A dedicated team is available to help you on a day-to-day basis.

Our advisors, consisting of expert CRM agencies, will also support you throughout the success of your project.

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