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De-coding consumers' wants and needs for fashion shopping with our latest YouGov survey results and guest articles.

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As people commute less and live and work closer to home, we need a better understanding of the pull of local in fashion: what local stores mean to consumers and what brands need to do to meet their demands.

In this edition :

  • How consumer opinion aligns with store activities and expectations - exclusive YouGov data of over 2000 UK adults
  • Lauretta Roberts, Co-founder and Editor in Chief of has curated examples of the best brands to get local right - from Zara to UNIQLO 
  • After hosting an event at the amazing new Diptique store in Spitafields, we look at why Managing Director Amanda Morgan says the local community is a crucial experience pillar for Diptyque
  • We give you our six-point playbook for building a local engagement strategy 

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