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The customer feedback revolution

Marketing directors, the time is nigh! 

Traditional marketing has become increasingly ineffective. Having encountered all the tricks and gimmicks, consumers are at a point now where they have lost all faith in advertising.

On the other hand, nearly 9 out of 10 consumers turn to online customer feedback before purchasing. A lever for acquisition and a source for loyalty, customer feedback is an asset you can no longer afford to live without!

Discover how:

  • To improve your e-reputation

  • Develop your referral marketing program

  • Increase traffic both online and in-store

  • Optimise the performance of your campaigns

  • Win back dissatisfied customers


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 améliorer vos taux de conversion grâce aux avis clients

Increase your conversion rate

Customize your campaigns based on customer satisfaction

améliorer votre trafic web et magasin grâce à l'e-réputation 

Grow in terms of visibility

Increase web and store traffic thanks to an improved e-reputation and SEO score

le referral marketing, l'une des sources de ROI des avis clients  

Empower your ambassadors

Your happy customers are your best form of advertising. Don't take them for granted!


« Critizr’s expertise helped us implement strategic changes to improve our customer experience »


Francis Barbier-Martins, Director of Customer Relations at UGC