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Covid-19 Retail Guide

Retail & COVID-19

Never before has it been so mission-critical to drive a culture of customer-obsession within a retail business. Grocers, Fashion and Beauty brands, Restaurants, Banking, DIY stores and more, have been massively affected by the 2020 pandemic and many are still facing vast challenges as we move further into 2021. 

An altered trajectory of shopper behaviour as well heightened health and safety regulations and innovations in technology are all contributing to a mass shift in how retailers are operating and communicating with their customers - which is now more frequent than ever.

As the pressure to survive in retail increases, It’s become evident that to succeed in a post-pandemic world, retailers must adopt a customer-obsessed strategy throughout their business, starting from the ground-up.

Here’s everything you need to launch customer-obsession within your business with our Retail Launchpad 2021 survival kit.

Our 2021 survival kit

Separately or in our free guide, find our 5 practical sheets to guide you step by step towards Customer-Obsession. 

Retail COVID guide

How to become a customer-obsessed brand

Here’s how you can fuel customer obsession from the ground-up and ignite customer loyalty.

retail covid guide

Win back unsatisfied customers and keep their business for good

How digital conversations and human interactions from your frontline stars create stellar experiences and reduce customer churn.

retail covid guide

Silo’d organisations prevent effective action being taken on insights:

Discover how to use customer data to eliminate organisational silos and revolutionise your retail business.

retail covid guide

Leverage your online reputation and drive more shoppers in-stores and online

Houston, we have a problem? Manage your online reputation and turn customers into lifelong advocates.

retail covid guide

Understanding evolving customer behaviours to transform retail

Changing consumer behaviours are hard to project. Here’s how Critizr Connection can get you ahead of the trends.


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