Will you meet your perfect tech match in 2020?

‘Choose your partners wisely’. That’s the advice issued this week by global insight leaders Forrester, in their recent report, Now Tech: Voice of the Customer Vendors, Q1 2020. We’re thrilled that Critizr has been recognised as one of the report’s 36 listed vendors – a brilliant start to the year for our team. As a tech supplier, it was also fascinating to read Forrester’s take on how CX professionals should approach the process of selecting the best vendor. I can see how the report will be essential reading for buyers – like a handy tech matchmaking service to help CX pros navigate their way to the suppliers best suited to their business, in what can be a pretty confusing marketplace.

I hope some of them find their way to Critizr of course!  But as a tech business supplying the retail sector, we are just as invested in getting the matchmaking process right at the outset. It’s a real source of pride that Critizr has some of the longest-standing client relationships in the industry. And as the person in charge of the company’s Customer Success strategy in the UK, it’s my job to build those positive, productive business relationships to ensure the Critizr platform delivers its full potential.

So what’s the secret to a happy, long lasting partnership? I think Forrester’s advice hits the mark. At the outset, it’s definitely about doing the research and taking time to find the right company in terms of size, functionality and capability. They also advise going into negotiations with a clear strategy and a strong set of business goals in mind. All good tech companies will be listening hard at this point to tune in and tailor their package to suit. If they’re not, it’s time to move on! Critizr has a brilliant platform and a proven track record, but prospective new clients want to see how our platform will work for them, to meet their very specific needs.

I’d add one other point from my experience and that’s to pick the right people. I can vouch for the fact that having the right people leading your tech project from the supplier side will define its success. VoC tech can only deliver if it comes with a team of people who share your drive and commitment, and who will strive for your CX goals. With that, we’ll all be on course for a match made in technology heaven.