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Why is employee satisfaction essential?


While it’s true all brands are investing in customer satisfaction more than ever before, leading companies are dedicating even greater resources to employee satisfaction. Pioneers like Google, Amazon, and Volkswagen believe employee teams, in addition to being trained, must also truly want to create exceptional customer experiences. This kind of mindset is a direct product of employee satisfaction within the company.


Are you familiar with the employee-customer profit chain? It states that the quality of the relationship between the company and its customers correlates to the quality of the relationship between the company and its employees. Companies that make their employees happy have higher customer satisfaction. When it comes to customer-centric companies and using customer feedback to motivate and engage employees, incorporating this idea can be highly beneficial. Given that it's easier to reciprocate a behaviour when you've already experienced it, employees are more apt to give their full attention to promoting customer satisfaction if they are happy and motivated. 

The theory of the employee-customer profit chain is even more relevant for teams that contact customers directly. These teams will naturally be more positive if they are made up of motivated employees who enjoy their work. Research shows that a 10% increase in employee engagement boosts quality of service by 5% and profits by 2% (Glassdoor 2015). 


Retailers are starting to adopt customer-centric models and put customers at the centre of their strategy. This approach is paying off because every action is guided by what the customer thinks and needs. The result is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Every person in the company helps promote the idea of customer-centric service. While teams at company headquarters may not directly serve customers, they do serve internal customers that in turn work with external customers. These internal customers, in other words, are the employees that have direct contact with customers. If these particular teams are happy, they create a virtuous circle within the customer-centric approach. In this respect, it's more important to centre your business model around the satisfaction of your employees than your customers.

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Etre customer centric : du siège au point de vente



Happy employees are the main source of customer satisfaction. Satisfied employee teams who interface with customers offer a better quality of service and assistance. Owing to this level of support, customers have satisfying experiences that build loyalty and increase sales. Conversely, a tense atmosphere in which dissatisfied employees directly impact sales will drive customers away from a brand.

Giving teams the right tools and increasing their skills are the best ways to increase their satisfaction, productivity, and quality of service. Google has clearly set the standard for employee satisfaction. At the Googleplex, Googlers work in a healthy work environment and are able to work on projects they are passionate about. Their workplace is innovative, highly productive, and enjoyable.

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Nowadays, customers share feedback on social networks and review websites. As a result, online reputation management has become a key issue for brands. Brand detractors drive away customers and prospects, resulting in lost sales.

In the same way, employees share their experiences online and with their entourage. If these experiences are positive, they will reflect positively on the employer's brand. If they are negative, the employer's brand will deter talent and damage the brand's reputation as a whole. 

As you can well imagine, employee satisfaction is just as important as customer satisfaction. Investing in your employees and measuring their satisfaction is the key to increasing productivity, team efficiency, and quality of service. Focusing on your employees generates ROI in the form of customer satisfaction and company growth. Good customer experiences start with excellent employee experiences.

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