The most shocking stats we heard at Retail Week Live 2021

Last week the Critizr UK team attended Retail Week Live. Not only did we have our #CritiTree where attendees could give praise to retailers, but we also hosted a Panel session with the winners from our Proud of My Store competition.

We also heard some interesting insights and statistics during the 2-day event, so we thought we’d give you a round-up of the best and most shocking statistics we heard. 

Retail Week Live 2021The #CritiTree and our Panel Line up at Retail Week Live 2021


Statistics on sustainability and Societal Issues: 


  • 86% of people expect CEO’s to speak out on societal issues (1)
  • There’s been a 71% rise in sustainability searches in products from consumers (2)

  • A shocking 41% of companies claiming sustainability practices, were exaggerated, false or deceptive

-(1) Wind down with CEO’s - Linkedin 

- (2) Bundl’s session on circular business models of the future


Statistics on delivery: 

  • 55% of consumers won’t purchase if delivery time isn’t indicated 
  • 76% expect transparent delivery costs
  • 19% fear a product simply won’t turn up 
  • 73% want a predictable customer service response time

- ESW on the future of cross-border eCommerce


Statistics on the in-store experience:

  • 56% think staff advice is the best thing about shopping in-store
  • 28% think the look and touch is the best thing about shopping in-store
  • 16% think the best thing about shopping in-store is avoiding the wait times for delivery
  • 60% of customers feel an emotional connection to their favourite brands when shopping in-store… Compared to 38% who shop online. 

- Trurating’s session on what consumers actually want when it comes to the in-store shopping experience)


And lastly… 

Did you know,  when store staff smile at customers, they spend 20% more?


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