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Stores the Next Generation: Podcast Series [The Industry partnership]

Welcome to Stores: The Next Generation, a new six-part podcast series produced in partnership with The Industry, the insights and intelligence destination for brands and retailers shaping the future of Fashion and Beauty. In this series we examine the future for physical retail in the post-pandemic world.

We will talk to major retailers and experts in store design and technology to discuss the role of the physical store and how it will change along with major shifts in consumer behaviour, which will result in us shopping more consciously, more carefully and more locally.

Critizr has produced a spotlight report for the Fashion and Beauty market, called The New Retail Journey, that can be downloaded here and the findings of this report have driven the content of these podcasts.

Session one: 

Claire Constantine, global retail director, and Sandra Byrne, Liverpool store manager at British-based, ethical beauty retailer Lush.

LUSH is a perfect example of a global brand that acts local. Its stores are located in neighbourhoods where the brand becomes embedded in the community. The company leverages the local know-how of its store managers, such as Sandra, to inform the individual strategies of each its stores and to advise the business on local engagement activities. As you will her having an expert on the ground such as Sandra has meant that Liverpool is now home to the world’s largest Lush store.

We talk about how the business has fared during lockdown, how it has innovated (with services such as delivery from local stores) to adapt to the new market conditions and how it plans to further engage with its customer base when its stores are able to open one again.


Session 2: 

Patrick van der Linden, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Digital Officer of leading French young fashion retailer Pimkie, which operates nearly 700 stores across 28 countries.

Patrick has been at the forefront of driving Pimkie’s “customer obsessed” strategy, which puts feedback from the customer as its centre.

He explains how the company has had to balance the global lockdowns, which has often meant vastly different restrictions being in place across its markets at any one time and how it has been deepening connections with its customers.


Session 3: 

David Dalziel is Co-founder and Creative Director of Dalziel & Pow, the pre-eminent brand innovation studio that provides retail design and strategic advice to some of the high street’s biggest names from River Island to Primark, Molton Brown and Next.

David is something of a rock star when it comes to retail design and is one of the most respected voices on the present and future state of retail and consumer shopping trends. Lauretta Roberts, Editor in chief of TheIndustry.fashion speaks to David on what stores will look like after lockdown and how retail strategies will play out longer-term.  David also shares with us his vision for a flexible, more dynamic future for our stores and high streets.  



This article will be updated as the new episodes are released.