Q&A: In conversation with Critizr’s new VP of Product Marketing, Elodie Champagnat

We’re thrilled to have Elodie join the Retail Revolution with Critizr so we sat down with her to discover what she's got planned for 2022 and beyond. 

Hi Elodie, it’s so great to have you join team Critizr! Tell us, what attracted you to the role?

What attracted me the most, in addition to the fantastic people I met with, is the product and its unique positioning as a Customer Engagement Platform that empowers all stakeholders in an organization, from local staff to HQ, to better serve the client. To me it’s meaningful to work on such a product because it impacts our daily lives as consumers: our voice, as consumers,  can influence the experience and the quality of service in our preferred stores, no matter if it’s in food, restaurants, fashion and more. I’m really happy to contribute to this meaningful project, in this time of rapid growth, innovation and international expansion at Critizr.

What initially made you choose a career in product marketing? 

Making sure that product teams deliver a solution that best fits market expectations and ensuring that customer-facing teams are able to sell the value of the products are the two challenges that Product Marketing can help tackle. Being this constant link between Sales, Product and Marketing is what I love in Product Marketing. In my job, collaboration with all the departments (marketing, sales, customer success, product, design…) is absolutely essential and that’s also why Product Marketing is so interesting to me.


You’ve got some really great experience in Product Marketing, what are some stand out moments from your career? 

Five years ago, while I was working at Talentsoft, one of my colleagues asked me to create the Product Marketing function with him. Nothing was in place and Product Marketing was a very new function in France at this time, so we had to convince our CEO! For that we started with some quick wins: first product launch, first value proposition, first sales certification and we immediately got the buy-in because the value of this new department was immediately visible! After 5 years, the PMM team was made of 6 people, supporting 9 product lines and tremendous sales growth.


What are you most excited about as you start your new role with us? 

It’s a perfect momentum for Product Marketing at Critizr because many innovations are being rolled out and the teams are growing. So, for me, as a VP of Product Marketing, it means that I need to focus on the go-to-market strategy, work closely with customer-facing teams to enable them at the right time while structuring the PMM function to ensure we scale our deliverables. The mission is fantastic, isn’t it?


What are your top tips for ensuring tech products are positioned so that they stand out against the rest? 

A unique value proposition with clear differentiators that all customer-facing teams can deliver to their prospects and clients is what makes the difference. This value proposition is the backbone of every communication: sales collaterals, customers meetings, marketing events, branding messages… so it has to be crystal clear internally and externally.


What inspires you within your work? 

In Product Marketing, we need to be on top of the market trends (both technological or in terms of usage) which allows us to be a step ahead. With that in mind, we have to shape our convictions and contribute to the product vision, which is the most inspiring part of the job.


And lastly, what would your autobiography be called and why?

I would say: “My team spirit is my best asset”. 

The best things I achieved have always been the result of a collective effort. Gathering diverse profiles, with complementary skills to solve a complex problem or to think of innovative solutions is what I value the most in my way of managing teams. Feeling the energy of the group and sharing the success makes me really proud. Even in my personal life, I’m always happier within my tribe than alone.


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