Infographic: The New Retail Journey Revealed

We recently surveyed over 100 leading customer experience experts in the UK and France across various retail sectors to understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the industry. We discovered a lot about how the customer journey has been affected and what lies ahead for the future of retail in the process. For example, are socially distancing measures here to stay? Are we heading towards a totally cashless society with the acceleration of contactless payments? And what does the new customer journey look like in a post-pandemic world? 

The findings were interesting to say the least, with 91% of retailers stating that COVID-19 has impacted their customer journey. We discovered the scale of the shift towards online shopping within many retail sectors and also the retailers who have also seen an increase in footfall in-store.

Perhaps one of the most important insights we gleaned from the survey was that relating to connection between shoppers and retailers. With 65% of retailers believing their local store teams have more of a connection to their customers since COVID-19. This perhaps being one of the silver linings throughout the global pandemic.

To discover all the details, the full whitepaper with all the results and insights can be downloaded here - but if you just want a short overview, we’ve also got you covered! Check out our infographic below of some of the key stats and findings: