How to maximise the performance of your marketing campaigns using customer feedback


The mass marketing ship has sailed. The impact of advertising through traditional media continues to decline. Customers don't want to be bothered with offers for products that they don't need. To adapt, marketing must personalise its messages using big data, particularly with customer feedback!

Personalising marketing messages

‘Customers do not need more or less content than before. They need the right content in the right format, at the right time, and in the right place.’ This quotation from Bruno Herrmann, Digital Globalisation and Localisation Director at The Nielsen Company, describes precisely what we're seeing today.

In other words, overwhelming your customers with ill-adapted generic marketing messages and suggesting ordinary products to your entire database is out of the question. Going to the trouble of sending these messages could actually tarnish your image: 33% of French people would unsubscribe from a brand’s faulty communications campaign, 22% would share their bad experience with friends, and 19% would write a negative comment on the Web. 

Mass marketing messages can also affect sales: 28% of French people say they would not buy again from a brand that used an ill-adapted marketing campaign.

It is time instead to personalise marketing messages and put them into context by using newsletters, text messages, push notifications, location services, etc. These personalised communication techniques can boost marketing effectiveness by 20%.

In addition to positively impacting revenues, personalisation can lead to customer engagement, loyalty, and renewed purchases. According to a Teradata-Celebrus study, messages addressed personally to recipients and adapted to their habits lead to a purchase intention rate of 76% among French people and a rate of 34% for additional purchases. No surprise there.

This information is particularly important for brick-and-mortar retailers. They are way behind e-commerce businesses when it comes to big data. Physical stores struggle to provide their customers with personalised marketing messages. And yet, there is clear demand for these practices among customers: 45% of French people expect personalised messages based on their in-store purchase habits! Brick-and-mortar retailers: you have some catching up to do.

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Personalise marketing campaigns based on customer satisfaction 

Clearly, personalisation has become the norm. The most innovative marketing departments are already deeply personalising their messages. They’re using big data that they’ve collected on their customers.

Netflix is an impressive example: the company has sorted its entire catalogue of films and TV series into 76,897 genres using a tag system. This extreme example of segmentation allows them to send users very precise recommendations. It’s incredible! 

So how can you begin personalising like this? Marketing messages can often be personalised depending on sociodemographic data, location, web browsing, purchasing channel and/or RFM, etc. Not enough marketing messages are being personalised by using customer satisfaction data!

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Yet, a customer's level of satisfaction will significantly impact their reaction to the message you send. Imagine a regular customer who recently had a bad experience with your brand. After their purchase, you reached out to them for their feedback and they signalled their dissatisfaction by giving a bad rating.

At this stage, if you were to send the customer a newsletter with sales, it’s likely they would be peeved. In this specific case, you, as marketing director, should save your money. Not only is this message unsuitable, it could also tarnish the image of your brand in the customer’s eyes.

Instead, you should adapt your automated marketing for this unhappy customer by reducing the marketing pressure. The customer won’t receive any sales offers for a while. At the same time, you can offer that customer a discount on their next purchase or, better yet, you can call them to find a solution to the problem they had! These are personalised actions that can help win back the customer or even get them engaged in favour of your brand.

Now, what about satisfied customers? For your ‘promoter’ customers who gave you an NPS rating of 9 or 10, you want to use a marketing message that can activate their potential as brand ambassadors. You can increase the loyalty of your promoters with invitations to a private sale, with the option of bringing friends and family along, or a referral programme. Additionally, these referral marketing initiatives will help your brand with customer acquisition.

Just like big data, personalised marketing is developing very fast and becoming a major challenge. Within that data, customer opinions will help you craft your marketing messages. Too often that customer feedback is the missing puzzle piece when it comes to making more relevant, more effective marketing. 

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