Great CX is for life… Not just for Christmas.

An incredible customer experience is one of the best gifts a retailer can give during any holiday season, and it remains at the top of the list for shoppers too. But let's be honest, great CX is for life, not just for Christmas. 

Sleigh your CX all year round

The best brands are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences all year round. All 365 days. And when it comes to retail, a lot can happen in 12 months.

In fact, we've got the stats to prove it. We've dug into our platform's data and discovered some of the impressive CX results that our clients achieve in as little as 12 months.

And now the countdown to Christmas just got a lot more exciting. We've selected some of our favourite ROI insights and gift-wrapped them in our exclusive CX Results Advent calendar. From NPS and Customer relationship scores to Customer Satisfaction and % of retained customers  - we've got all the insights needed to sleigh your CX strategy. 

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Access CX Advent Calendar


How does the CX  Advent Calendar Work? 

  1. 📆 Visit and bookmark our festive online calendar here. 

  2. 🚪 Open a door a day from the 1st - 16 th of December.

  3. 👀 Discover exciting new content, including CX stats, articles, videos, case studies and more! 

Psst. There may even be some prizes and giveaways along the way! 🎁


Don't want to forget to open your door each day? Just click below to add a daily reminder to your calendar.

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Our calendar full of content should keep you busy until the new year but don't worry, we've got you covered for 2023 too. 

Look out for more exclusive insights and ROI stats coming in January, which are all achievable via the Critizr platform. After all, great CX is for life… not just for Christmas. 

*All CX benchmark stats are an average taken from the Critizr platform between January 1st 2022 - November 1st 2022.