[eBook] The New Era of Feedback-Driven Marketing


Marketing managers, the writingis on the web! Times have changed and marketing strategies have been turned on their heads with the customer feedback revolution. Are you collecting customer feedback? Maybe you are, but do you really know how to use it to benefit your marketing strategy? Don’t panic, Critizr has the solutions you need in this new e-book: “The New Era of Feedback-Driven Marketing.” 


The world is evolving quickly, just like consumer behaviour and habits. You're aware of this and so marketing strategies have to adapt. Listen up, marketing professionals: the days of outbound marketing are long gone. Let's face it, mass advertising isn’t cutting it anymore.

Buying up masses of online ad space no longer has the same impact. Major ad campaigns around your products have never been less effective. According to a Nielsen study, only 35% of today's consumers buy into TV ads. And the percentage is even lower for radio and newspapers. 

Why? Over time, consumers have become only too wise about marketing tactics and are increasingly sceptical about advertising. Traditional forms of media are no longer the advertiser’s weapon of choice. Consumers have become sceptical; they’re well aware of traditional marketing tactics and freely comment on their shopping experiences. 


On the other hand, almost 9 consumers out of 10 check customer reviews online before buying something. Despite not knowing who wrote the reviews, 68% of consumers put their trust in them. In other words, they find reviews twice as trustworthy as ads from traditional media.

The freedom of expression the internet offers has totally overturned the power relationship between brands and consumers, and customers are taking note. Consumers now see themselves as being truly involved in the industry—no longer just passive users, they freely share their opinions, including both positive and negative experiences. 79% of people who do research online before purchasing have previously given an online review. That’s almost 4 out 5 people!

Well aware of what it takes, marketing departments should be handling reviews in a proactive manner, taking back control of what customers are saying. There is genuine marketing leverage here to be used, something that will fix any acquisition or loyalty issues.

The conclusion is clear: you shouldn’t be saying “my product is the best” anymore, you should be making your customers say it. This is what is causing all the marketing strategy upheaval. Customer reviews have become the driving force behind marketing. So, don’t miss the boat! Read our e-book now to learn how to put customer feedback at the core of your strategy and become more efficient!

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