Customer Feedback Management Platforms: An Asset for your Company


They say that you can’t please all the people all the time. And yet, satisfaction is what customers expect. When running an online business, you must stay on top of keeping as many customers satisfied as possible. But how can you manage all the sales that you’ve made when you don’t even know who your customers are?

That is where customer feedback management comes in. CFM does what Google and Facebook reviews can’t. Those reviews only leave behind “good” and “bad” impressions, but CFM goes more in-depth and looks at what your customers are thinking.

Increased Flexibility

The number of stars a customer gives your business is becoming less of an important metric. Sure, it’s great to see a five-star review but what does it actually mean? Some customers are always inclined to leave a positive review even if their experience wasn’t five-star worthy.

Conversely, what about those who only leave less than stellar reviews? Whether they loved or hated what you offered, you don’t know why they rated how they did. Savvy companies understand that surveys are useful, but only if offered in a customer’s preferred format. When selecting a CFM platform, it helps to know that a variety of reviews are possible.

One of the many areas that Critizr excels in is the formats of its surveys. Customers can have online, phone-based, mobile, and other forms of surveys. By surveying customers in their preferred delivery method, you can expect fewer to skip over it.

As a result, you wind up with more, and better, data to work with.

Increased Customer Data

The more accessible the survey, the more customer data you can enjoy. However, more isn’t always better. What matters is how you approach the data you are collecting. Sadly, many companies wind up collecting massive amounts of data without knowing exactly what to do with it.

What’s worse, many of them wind up relying on separate systems to mine for data and to analyze it. As multiple departments start sifting through customer data, it causes unnecessary overlap and inefficient analysis.

By centralizing your customer data into one easy-to-digest platform, it allows for simplified data analysis. This way, you can extract the data you need without becoming buried in numbers you don’t care about.

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Centralized Feedback

One way that many companies wind up gaining customer feedback is through a variety of secondary survey tools. While this is effective at screening multiple types of customers, all that input winds up in different end locations.

While the different survey teams do report back their findings, it can take time for them to all provide you with their survey results. In fact, by the time you do see what they’ve completed, that data may no longer be relevant.

Another drawback is that different survey teams may have different methodologies. As a result, the quality of feedback may vary based on the type of survey as well as who is administering it.

Instead, the most effective CFM tools centralize survey results. By having all customer feedback in one accessible “pot” of information, it allows easy access and better use. It also enables a higher quality of feedback from your customers.

Simplified Help to Other Customers

No one helps other potential customers make a buying decision quite like current customers. However, this means that you must stay on top of both your promoters and your detractors. Emotional reviews easily sway new would-be customers. Just as one glowing five-star review is helpful, an impassioned one-star review can be devastating.

Ensuring that feedback is both useful and simplified is what will assist both sides the most. By quickly identifying your most prominent critics as well as champions, you can hope to keep the public’s opinion from turning against you.

That is another reason why fielding terrible reviews first are ideal. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate to the customer that you are present, engaged, and willing to assist them. It may even lead to them updating their review with a better rating. Overall, it will elevate the customer’s perception of your company.

One way that CFM accomplishes this is by putting customers through a preliminary survey. By just asking whether they are satisfied you can take the first step towards addressing their needs. Negative responses can trigger an internal customer support team response. Positive reviews, however, can automatically post to whatever preferred medium you need.

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Web-To-Store Strategy

It’s a given that customers are researching products online before they purchase them in-store. CFM can aid your web-to-store retail strategy by allowing you to promote positive feedback adequately and address negative feedback swiftly.

This will enhance perception of your company while also minimizing bad word of mouth across other platforms. When these concerns are addressed publicly online, it allows others to see that you are a company that takes feedback seriously and will actively work with customers to resolve their concerns.

Overall, this will elevate your store’s online reputation which will translate into real-world customers.

Simplified, Centralized CFM Is The Way To Go. Customer feedback is an important tool for any retailer looking to mine customer experience for actionable insights. Through a centralized CFM system, retailers can obtain valuable information on product offerings, customer service options, and more.

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