Critizr, from then to now 🚀

They say love only lasts three years, but as we approach our seven-year anniversary, the passion remains as strong as ever.

We are proud to still be working with the very first clients who put their trust in us, including Carrefour and Total. We’ve worked with major stakeholders who have gone on to be our business partners, including research institutes, CRM publishers, semantic analysis companies, consulting firms, digital agencies and many others. We now count 80 clients from various business sectors including the food industry, banking, the tourism industry, the automotive industry, the fashion industry, and the beauty industry.

Critizr started out as a mobile application for customers to upload their experiences at points of sale (data is now exclusively collected via Today, Critizr runs the “Critizr for Business” feedback management platform. The platform can be used to collect feedback left by customers (spontaneous) and/or for feedback campaigns on over 20 channels(Facebook, GMB, Wi-Fi, TripAdvisor, etc.).

Critizr encourages a local omnichannel approach because customers' issues can differ from one point of sale to another—from brick-and-mortar shops to e-commerce sites. Using Critizr, store managers can analyse comments to see what’s important to their customers, talk to them about their questions, suggestions, positive comments and issues. In short, Critizr allows businesses to better understand customer experiences to then improve their services.

By using Critizr for Business to listen to what their customers have to say, companies will see real benefits to their business in terms of customer relationships, online reputation, targeted marketing and customer management and experience. That’s Critizrs' virtuous circle 💫
The “Critizr-certified” stamp of approval is trusted by customers because it means that the customer feedback and satisfaction ratings are authentic and reliable.

The Critizr solution is already in use in over 30 countries and we are aiming to consolidate our position as a market leader in Europe.

We’ve opened offices in London and Berlin to bring brands closer to their customers and to be on the ground to tackle individual market challenges. We now have teams in four major European cities including Lille and Paris! We also recently signed our first partnership agreement with an international market stakeholder: Acceleris AG. We've hired more customer experience pros who are ready to assist our clients in France and beyond.

The company counted 40 employees at the start of 2018. We’ve had to move things around since then to accommodate new additions to the team. To date, the Critizr team now boasts more than 70 employees. Once again, we’re on the lookout for the best and the brightest😎! The company plans to increase its workforce and recruit 50 more employees.The main thing we are looking for in candidates is passion, entrepreneurship, ambition and a firm belief in being a team player.

"Customer experience is important for all companies all over the world, from banks to major retailers. We created Critizr to help companies move on from a metrics-driven approach to an action-driven approach. Our solution is designed to be used by all employees, from those on the ground to the head office, so that the entire company eco-system is involved in listening to customer feedback, from top to bottom. The aim of our solution is to provide everyday info for shop managers and function as a business planning tool for senior management. The tool is designed to help them bring about concrete improvements in the customer experience to improve customer satisfaction and retention", Nicolas Hammer, co-founder and CEO of Critizr. 

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