Critizr Boost Omnichannel Conversation Capabilities with ServiceDock Acquisition

We are super excited to announce that we’ve further strengthened our omnichannel conversation capabilities by acquiring Dublin-based retail start-up ServiceDock. 


ServiceDock: an innovation-rich start-up 

ServiceDock was founded in 2016 to help retailers and physical stores build stronger relationships with customers via an intuitive customer engagement platform. Prior to the acquisition they raised €500,000 in investment funding and built up an impressive list of clients.

The ServiceDock platform is built to address the challenges and maximise the opportunities offered by the distributed nature of physical retail and the multiple ways consumers can engage with stores. It pulls together all the customer conversations across web, mobile, and social messaging into a cohesive interface no matter what the channel is. Enabling retailers to better understand their customers and bring them closer to the brand and their stores. 

Getting ever closer to your customers with Critizr 

The acquisition will enable the combination of the Critizr Connection platform with ServiceDock's advanced instant messaging technology. Thus resulting in offering an even stronger customer experience and messaging solution to our existing clients and new global brands to build retail experiences that will exceed their customer expectations. 

This makes us incredibly excited for the future of Critizr as this alliance of vision, innovation and technology continues to reinforce our international growth, especially in the UK and in Ireland. 


A combination of retail expertise and customer experience excellence:

With the acquisition comes new synergies between the Critizr and ServiceDock client communities, and the mutual enrichment of our talent. ServiceDock’s experience and expertise is an invaluable asset to our already outstanding team of experts. 

“Messaging is how consumers have communicated with friends and family for decades and they’ve been using web chat to engage with online businesses like Amazon for years. However, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Google’s Business Messages create a huge opportunity for traditional retailers to turn their stores into something much more than a place where you pick up products. These apps are ideal for connecting consumers to the product experts in their local store because they offer a persistent connection while consumers are on the go. This empowers store staff to deliver a blended physical and digital customer experience that direct to consumer retailers cannot match. Messaging will revolutionise physical retail and joining forces with Critizr will put us at the forefront of this movement in a much more meaningful way than we could achieve on our own.”

- Oisin Ryan, ServiceDock CEO and Founder


“Since Critizr was founded, our mission has been to help many of the world’s leading retail brands create stronger, more meaningful and valuable relationships with their customers. The challenge for businesses today is keeping pace with the rapidly changing array of digital channels people now use to talk to the brands they shop with, and the sheer volume of messages they have to manage. Our acquisition of ServiceDock is an exciting next step in providing the best solution on the market for our clients to meet this challenge. ServiceDock’s small but very impressive team has created game-changing social conversation technology which will integrate seamlessly to augment our successful Critizr Connection platform. At a time when our world is becoming increasingly message-centric and the customer journey ever more sophisticated, we’re thrilled to be teaming up with a company that shares our ethos and commitment to creating simple, effective ways for brands to facilitate real-time conversations between local staff and customers, for the best customer experience possible. Together we will drive a dynamic next wave of convenient, interactive and personable store conversations for our clients in the UK and globally”.

- Aurélien Dubot, VP of Marketing for Critizr