Conversational Texting : a new customer feedback channel


A new customer feedback channel has made its way onto the Critizr for Business platform: conversational texting. It is now part of our omni-channel range to make it even easier for consumers to express themselves.


We, along with our customers and partners, share the same belief: in order to collect more feedback, it must be as easy as possible for customers to share their opinions. Customer testimonials and quantitative data have become the holy grail of marketing and other services that are adapting to be more and more “customer-centric”.

This is why we’re introducing conversational texting to our package. This new interaction method enables companies to encourage the customer listening process. It allows the customer, whether they’ve purchased an item or not, to send their comments to the retail outlet manager via text.  


If there is any universal means of communication, it’s texting. It can be used on any mobile phone, old or new. Not even the Nokia 3310’s comeback will change that! Moreover, an internet or bluetooth connection isn’t required to send a text, and more than anything else: it’s just very easy to do. Texting is a great way to open up customer communication for the majority of current and potential customers.



This is an easy way for the consumer to share their purchasing experience with the company. It also serves to make them feel like they can contact the retail outlet manager directly. It’s an effective way of meeting the ever-increasing customer expectations. This way, consumers feel highly regarded and that they are in closer contact with the company.  



For the company, it’s a great way of starting a conversation with current or potential customers. Companies can encourage increased feedback with a simple and personalised POS ad. Incoming conversations are directly integrated into the Critizr for Business platform, allowing the relevant staff to read them and easily respond.  

EN-sms-conversationnel-critizr-01.png An example of a POS ad promoting conversational texting


This new customer feedback channel allows even non-buyers to express their opinions. Be it during or after a visit to your retail outlet, potential customers will have the chance to express themselves and provide you with very useful information. The system is now operational within the Darty franchise with whom we organised an event on gathering feedback from non-buyers. Régis Koenig, Services and Customer Relationships Manager is one of the first to witness the results: “Thanks to the feedback gathered, the “Contact the manager!” system enables customers to help us improve, whether they’ve made a purchase or not.”

Conversational texting is now part of our range of instant customer feedback channels (pull). It’s also possible to request (push) your current and potential customers’ feedback. 

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