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Feedback Management Platform

Increase your turnover thanks to the opinions of your customers and prospects

Customer feedback increase R-O-I

Collect customer testimonials and opinions to increase your turnover.
Join the trend of companies that actually listen to their customers :
    Customer relationship: Identify and win back unsatisfied customers.
    CRM & MARKETING: Earn your customers' loyalty and convert them into ambassadors. 
    E-RePUTATION: Mobilize your satisfied customers to improve your online image.
    MANAGEMENT: Extend the efficiency of your distribution network.
    CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Analyze and boost your conversion rate.
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Spread the voice of the customer.

Customers, whether satisfied or the contrary, will rarely make their sentiments known. This is the great paradox of customer relationships. Customers have never had as many outlets to express themselves through as they do today-and, yet, they often remain silent. Why is that ?

“96% of dissatisfied customers do not express their sentiments directly to the company.”

Our mission : give consumers an easier way to express themselves so that feedback becomes automatic. To pull this off, we've created solutions that enable companies to collect and process their customers' feedback on one platform.

Our solutions are a reflection of our customer convictions, all of which stem from the core conviction that every customer should be able to express their thoughts about a product or a service when they want to and with ease. To this end, we have created the Critizr.com website, to collect opinions and cover active points of sale. Our website has helped us to build up this unique expertise in collecting and processing customer feedback, reflected throughout the entire "Critizr for Business" solution.


COnviction #1

Listening to your customers is a continuous, multi-channel process.


COnviction #2

To provide their feedback, customers need to feel reassured by and have trust in you.


COnviction #3

The feedback data collected should be of use to the entire company.


COnviction #4

Customer satisfaction isn't enough. You need to aim for customer engagement.

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All-In-One Platform

Critizr offers a complete platform streamlining data collection, processing, and measurement-harvesting the full value from your customers' feedback.

The most complete solution on the market

Today, customers should be able to express themselves whenever they may feel inclined, at any point during their customer experience. By combining spontaneous and solicited feedback, you will increase the value of your sample size by capturing the full range of your customers' experience.

Collect evaluations (NPS, CSAT, testimonials, etc.) to better understand your customers thanks to the two approaches of push (solicited) and pull (spontaneous).


Centralized access to customer knowledge

Processing customer feedback is a crucial aspect of the listening operation, and requires a flexible strategy. Whether that be through customer service or designated team members (stores, sales, etc.), you can process word-for-word feedback in order to react quickly and in a personnalized manner. Critizr for Business simplifies the process by acting as a central hub for your customers' feedback. 

Regardless of the interaction channel, all feedback is centralized within a single interface.


Measure customer satisfaction in real time

Critizr provides you with real-time measurements of customer satisfaction down to the very last detail. By customizing questioning paths, you can create an efficient barometer based on indicators such as NPS or CSAT. Share information with your whole organization to involve everyone in a highly efficient, customer-centric approach.


Enhance the value of feedback to generate traffic

Are we really able to target specific customers without knowing how satisfied they are ? We now know just how important customer satisfaction is. And yet, still, it remains an under-utilized element for marketing purposes. With Critizr for Business, cement customer feedbacks at the core of your strategy and thus improve the results of your marketing campaigns.


Critizr works seamlessly within your ecosystem.

Our technology partners will ensure you get the most from your customer feedback.
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