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6 Steps to improve your NPS and CX Maturity

The term Net Promoter Score (NPS) is now widely known and used across many of todays companies to assess the level of Customer 'love' for your brand. 

Despite its wide adoption, many people are left with the question what truly is NPS? How do I effectively utilise it within my business both as a measurement and a driver of CX improvement? 

Utilising real examples from our vast range of clients - from Carrefour to Grand Vision - we have established 6 steps that will supercharge your NPS and establish ROI from your CX project.

Using real examples, we will cover :

  • 6 Steps to take you from foundation level NPS to top performer. 
  • How to build your CX maturity.
  • The ROI of leveling up your NPS and CX Maturity.


Hazel rond-1

Presented by Hazel Morton - UK Marketing 

A strong advocate of customer-centricity throughout her career, Hazel has recently joined the expanding Critizr team in London. Named within CX Networks 30 under 30 and formally the CMO of Big Data for Humans, her consistent exposure to the issues retailers face in the current climate, both as a customer and an advocate, has made her hyperaware of the importance of CX. Hazel’s realisation that most businesses fail to successfully measure the effect of successful CX against business objectives drove her to promote closing the engagement and marketing loop.